Top SEO Trends for 2015

The top SEO Springfield MO trends that Chief Marketing Officers and SEO providers need to implement in 2015 to help companies increase their organic search results are described below. Proper implementation of these trends will increase organic search traffic, and business overall.

Trend 1: The Increasing value of earned links.

Inbound links remain the best off-site indicator of authority, trust and value to search engines. Creating valuable content and promoting it to a focused audience will earn links to a company’s content, not just a link to a product page. These earned links from an authority site will affect SEO, sales, lead generation, and other valuable marketing metrics.

Trend 2: Mobile Internet Usability

While 2014 was a banner year for mobile Internet use, 2015 shows the trend for mobile use increasing, and mobile Internet use outstripping desktop Internet use.

Mobile Internet searching utilizes different search algorithms and CMOs must understand how to maximize their content for the mobile search arena, while continuing to keep it valid for desktop searches.

Trend 3: Search Fragmentation

Search queries are fragmenting into long-tail keywords and are also fragmenting across different platforms and channels. The internal search functionalities of online service providers, software applications and mobile devices are all designed to serve their audiences better, and results in the decrease of search volume from web browser search engines.

2015 will see the smart CMO focusing on optimizing their presence for searches across many platforms, including Amazon, Yelp, Wikipedia and other popular mobile applications.

Trend 4: The Increasing Importance of Long-Tail Search Traffic

It is incredibly difficult to rank for one or two word key phrases, and even if you accomplish this feat, these phrases don’t convert well. Long-tail keyword phrases have a greater specificity, are more relevant to the searcher and convert at a higher rate.

The increasing popularity of voice search queries will add many previously unseen long-tail keyword searches in the coming years. Ranking on these new searches will increase business for SEO companies and business owners alike.

Organic searches are still the best way to convert searchers to buyers across the B2B and B2C landscape. Marketing executives cannot afford to overlook this area of business and those who work to maximize their visibility will ultimately be on top of the digital marketing space.